18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas of Rutger Hauer and his Ladyhawke. This painting is part of a series that David Bowie’s ‘Jareth’ character kicked off. I’m working on creating a whole layout for my living room wall including my favorite 80’s fantasy movies.

Within You

18″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas of David Bowie as Jareth aka the Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth. I actually finished this last week and had started it right after hearing the news of David Bowie passing. I did love his music, but considering the first time I ever saw him was in the […]


8″ x 10″ acrylic on canvas of an aliens from the movie Alien. Loved how this turned out.


11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas. This is Fenris from Dragon Age 2. Quite challenging trying to make a 3d model look realistic but it was good practice.


24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas. This was another commission in the Buffy series. Buffy and Spike from the show.


8″ x 10″ acrylic on canvas. This is a part of the private collection and is not for sale. Dr. Frankenfurter (Tim Curry) from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am probably a bit of a Tim Curry fan..but that’s just fine! 🙂 While not technically black and white horror it is black and white..and from […]


16″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas. No black and white horror collection is complete without Tippi Hedren from The Birds. I LOVE how this painting came out and it’s another I hold in my private collection.

Wouldn’t Harm a Fly

11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas. I LOVE how this portrait came out. It’s just perfect. Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) from Psycho. Hasn’t sold yet, but honestly I’ve had it for so long and admire it so much, that I don’t think I’d part with it by now.

Mother of Dragons

18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas. Big portrait of Daenerys from Game of Thrones.


11″x 14″ acrylic on canvas. Barbara from Night of the Living Dead. Available.

Eye of the Tiger

16″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas. I’m a huge Supernatural fan so I had to do a Dean at some point.

Quid Pro Quo

11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas. Love me some Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector.

Sun-Kissed Lolita

18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas.

Bow-ties are Cool

16″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas. Matt Smith rocking the Doctor Who look. Also done for a commission, but became available again.


Custom cut hardboard measuring 13″ x 29.5″ done in acrylic. I LOVE this painting and am only sad that it’s not my painting! I did it as a commission for a friend and man, it was a beauty. It’s of Darkness (Tim Curry) from the move Legend.